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Saudia Arabic Coffee is a market first for SADAFCO. This is a unique, ready to heat-and-serve product for Saudi Arabia . The launch of this innovative beverage is in line with SADAFCO’s commitment to continuously introduce innovative and delicious products for its consumers.
Arabic Coffee has been savoured in the Arab world for decades with connoisseurs continuously attempting to attain the perfect taste. With the launch of Saudia Arabic Coffee, aficionados can now enjoy the signature coffee anytime. Furthermore, the convenient packaging allows consumers to carry it to vacations and outings without ever missing out on their favourite coffee experience.  All that is required is to heat it in a saucepan and serve. Applauding the unique features of Saudia Arabic Coffee, the Arab Beverages Association (ABA) has presented the Qatra Innovation Award to SADAFCO, recognizing it as the first company in the region to launch Arabic Coffee in this unique format.  Saudia Arabic Coffee is a blend of premium coffee beans and brewed cardamom.
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Available in 1-liter packs.