Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 31 January, 2023: SADAFCO announces it receives ISO 26000:2010 conformance certificate for its strategic integration of CSR policies into how the company operates. This announcement comes 6 months after the company’s Board of directors recommended its CSR policy which was subsequently approved by the general assembly on 28/06/2022.

The company receives this certificate after putting into place the necessary structures, systems and governance to oversee the implementation of the policy. Receiving this certificate is another testament of SADAFCO’s commitment to making meaningful contributions and playing an active role in the countries it operates within.

Commenting on the announcement, Patrick Stillhart, CEO of SADAFCO expressed “We are all very proud at SADAFCO to receive this certificate. It’s another major milestone for us as part of our ESG ambitions. CSR at SADAFCO is ingrained into the company culture and we look forward to continue having a leading role in supporting our people, environment and society.”

The company’s board clearly articulated its CSR policy and has put into place a clear objective as well as the dimensions of CSR and outlines 5 key areas of focus:

  1. Support programs of charitable and civil societies in the countries where the company operates in
  2. Cooperating with universities and academic institutions, supporting education programs and research aimed at adding value for the Company and society.
  3. Participation and supporting the establishment and operation of social, charitable or health centers.
  4. Sponsoring educational, health, economic and environmental events, programs and activities.
  5. Managing the environment, health, safety and security of the employees in accordance with the highest international practices and standards


A dedicated taskforce has already been assigned to track the progress of it CSR plans and programs on a periodic basis. In the last year alone the company has made some measurable contributions that resulted in meaningful impact across various initiatives related to career fairs, awareness initiative, and volunteering efforts.

The company announced last year signing two strategic CSR agreements. The first being with Jeddah’s Social Responsibility Association and the second was with Future Industrial Strategies Initiatives. Both agreements were signed with a vision of long-term engagement.

SADAFCO’s CSR Policies and approach are fully aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National Transformation Program (NTP), which is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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The company’s CSR policy is available on the company’s website: SADAFCO CSR Policy


About Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO):

SADAFCO is a publicly-listed company which has been producing high-quality dairy and foodstuff products under the Saudia brand name since 1977, a year after the company was formed. Saudia enjoys being one of the market leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the production of tomato paste, ice cream and milk.

Based in Jeddah, SADAFCO operates sales and distribution depots in 24 locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait. Saudia products are also exported to several countries in the MENA region.

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