Food Safety

SADAFCO Food Safety

Saudia Dairy & Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO) will always endeavour to produce and supply safe and high quality food products according to agreed Food Safety standards in order to consistently strengthen the trust of our valued customers and consumers. This is not only to enhance customer satisfaction but also to realise our primary goal of providing consumers with optimum nourishment without suffering any negative effects when they consume our products.
SADAFCO’s management shares a high level of commitment to ensure that our employees are protected from the potentially dangerous consequences originating from workplace activities by identifying and controlling all environmental aspects to achieve excellence in compliance with the national occupational health, safety, and environmental regulations.
In order to successfully implement this policy, we will rigorously adhere to relevant Hygiene, Food Safety, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental rules as well as national and international statutory and regulatory requirements along with mutually agreed customer requirements. This will be achieved through by setting integrated management system objectives in different functional levels.

Health and Nutrition

The Health & Nutrition needs of consumers are fundamental to our business principles. We strive to enhance health & well-being in society. This topic involves the process of identifying and managing products and ingredients related to nutritional and health concerns among consumers and undertaking initiatives to develop a healthier product portfolio.

Promoting health and wellbeing

– Provided health awareness lectures with pioneering doctors to cover significant topics such as Breast Cancer, COVID-19, as well as psychology Doctors to discuss how to face the stress from COVID-19 Pandemic and finding the balance between work, motherhood, and fatherhood
– Supported Ministry of Health vaccination programs