Digital Milk Factory

Digital Milk Factory

At end of 2021 the milk factory embarked into creating a proactive manufacturing execution system that will reduce cost, and support continuous improvements and LEAN initiatives.

Digitization ensures error-proof processes and provides a complete electronic audit trail of all manufacturing activity as well as real-time visibility which is necessary to produce consistency in product quality each time. Manufacturing processes eliminate the need for inprocess manufacturing reviews and dramatically reduces final review and release time. This offers a competitive advantage that will yield better customer satisfaction not to mention the opportunity to recognize revenue faster.

The new Digital Factory will transform manufacturing process through insights and intelligence powered by data collections and digital SOP (standard operation procedure) integration. The holistic and real-time data generated by this digital milk factory increases efficiency, productivity, traceability, supplier performance and environmental compliance. It also improves control of manufacturing workflows and the movement of everything from raw materials to work-in-progress and finished goods. This provides real-time access to operational data, so managers can quickly overcome roadblocks and inefficiencies, such as:

Traceability tree for RM (raw materials) and PM (packaging materials)

  • Productivity measurement OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) criteria
  • Digital SOP (standard operation procedure) preparation
  • Recipe standardization
  • Data collection and reliability
  • Standard Measurement and description for each KPI (key performance indicators)
  • Define KPI tolerances and targets
  • RM (Raw Material) and PM (Packaging Material) wastage point identification and data collections
  • Backflush report would be automated rather than manual
  • Operator checks frequency, definition, and type (auto or manual)
  • Problem escalation procedures internal and external
  • Fault finding
  • Problem resolution techniques

The potential financial savings after considering food & safety, traceability, productivity, sustainability, waste reduction is conservatively estimated at a total SAR 44 Million over the following 10 years which are over and above the non-tangible benefits.

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